Tammy Partlow has lived out the old adage, A rolling stone gathers no moss.
After living many settled years in Mississippi, everything changed when her husband Ed decided to sell his business and move to the Rocky Mountains fulfilling his lifelong dream of working in the cattle industry. After trying everything to change his mind, she finally accepted her fate and moved to a strange land called Montana.
For 15 years, Tammy has relocated to several remote places far from her native Magnolia state; In the midst of her questions, God answered a deep prayer which Tammy had never prayed. The beauty of the Northwest settled deep within her heart and she began expressing this new love through writing, speaking and photography.
You can be reminded of the beauty of everyday life by reading Tammy's blog.
Tammy writes suspense stories that you can't stop reading! Her debut novel, Blood Beneath the Pines will be available in 2016.
Consider booking Tammy to speak at your next conference, luncheon, or retreat. So many moves in so little time has birthed some of the funniest stories you've ever heard.
She might be moving to your town soon! 
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